Essential Qualities

1.   The athlete must be passionate about playing volleyball.

2.   Must have a strong interest in intense competition at the Provincial and National level.

3.   The participant must

a.    Thrive to become a high performance player.

b.    Be committed to the program.


If your plans for the future are to play College or University volleyball then this program is for you!

Who‘s Eligible?

1.   Must be in grade 9,10,11 or 12

2.   Should have a strong athletic ability

3.   Essential to have marks above 75% in school

Important Information

·         Program takes place at the University of Moncton (CEPS)

·         Indoor volleyball, training, and other forms of activity (pool, spin class etc.)

·         Nutrition class and physical prep. included

·         Program is bilingual


Who should apply



High Performance

Camp estival