·         The program will not only enable young players to develop and achieve their ultimate goals in sports, but will also enable them to be successful and achieve academically

·         Develop a players confidence, self-reliance, and independence

·         Help players master skills and techniques

·         The program will also help players be prepared for the elite programs

·         The program will keep a balance lifestyle between sports, academics, and social life


·         Learn and perfect technical skills while applying them in the game

·         Developing tactical knowledge, senses, and behavior.

·         Improving basic physical attributes and qualities

·         Improving basic physical attributes and qualities

·         Enhance one’s knowledge of the game

·         Developing an awareness on the importance of cultivating and expressing team spirit

·         Learn the importance of having healthy life habits, good hygiene, proper nutrition, a good work ethic…


·         Helping players learn to develop and use new moves in the game

·         Helping perfect moves while learning when to use them in a game (precision, purity and ease...)

·         Methods used: repetition, games with point blank precision, use of different tools, and video (observations of oneself, cassettes...)


·         Develop physical endurance

·         Agility and coordination training

·         Gain a deeper understanding on the benefits of stretching

·         Assuring muscular development

·         Systematically developing flexibility

·         Improving speed and energy


·         Improve concentration, attention and consistent effort

·         Insuring you follow and respect directions that are specified

·         Develop respect for others, yourself and for your environment

·         Develop ones creativity

·         Develop confidence, self-worth, self-respect

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